What Is Love

Published on 1 September 2023 at 09:01

One of the greatest things a human being can do is to love. The truest form of selfless service is when we give without wanting anything in return. That is the spirit in which we should give. This means that we do not broadcast to others what we do to receive adulation, praise, power, or name and fame. Rather, we serve from our heart and soul in the spirit of helping others because it is the right thing to do as children of the all-giving Creator. This attitude has the power to heal.

We never lose when we give. Many times in life, we may have experienced an opportunity to give something to someone in need, making a sacrifice, only to find that it was either returned to us or circumstances changed, and we did not need to give it away. Yet, we were rewarded with the feeling of satisfaction of having sacrificed for others. We feel God’s blessings showering down upon us. We thank God that we choose to give rather than to be selfish.

If we are selfish, we often find ourselves filled with remorse and regret. We always feel sorry that we did not give. However, one never regrets or feels sorry for giving. There is no greater joy that can fill our heart than giving. All those who have ever given selflessly would have experienced that one never loses when one gives. They find more and more blessings raining down upon them unasked for, and their heart is filled with godly love.

When we lead a life of serving with a kind and patient attitude, we not only inspire those with whom we work, but those who are not leading a spiritual life will notice our patient and kind qualities. Others who are curious or strongly interested in spirituality will notice something about us. They will see that we are calm and collected. They will notice that we face life’s challenges with nonviolence, love and humility. They will also observe that we give freely of ourselves selflessly.

These qualities will attract others who wish also to lead such a life. Thus, it is important that we be examples and model spiritual values in our everyday lives and never stop learning to love.

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