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AI Investigated In UK Over Fears Of Domination / News / NewsBox / StarBox | Solar Systems

The UK is set to review the artificial intelligence (AI) market to make sure its benefits are available for everyone and that no single firm will dominate.

The cement that could turn your house into a giant battery

Concrete is perhaps the most commonly used building material in the world. With a bit of tweaking, it could help to power our homes too.

YouTube tests AI tool that clones pop stars' voices

The software allows users to create songs in the style of Sia, John Legend, Charli XCX and others.

AI: Which Jobs Are Most At Risk From The Technology? / News / NewsBox / StarBox | Solar Systems

As the man widely seen as the godfather of artificial intelligence (AI) warns about growing dangers from how it is developing, businesses are scrambling to see how they can use the technology to their advantage.

Apple to bridge message divide - but keeps green bubbles

The tech giant confirms it will introduce support for a new messaging standard on iPhones from 2024.

Why are fewer women using AI than men?

The use of artificial intelligence appears to have a significant gender imbalance.

Would you drink genetically modified beer?

A growing number of US brewers are now using GM yeast to make their beers.

Why Teaching Robots To Blink Is Hard But Important / News / NewsBox / StarBox | Solar Systems

I'm sitting across a table from an adorable humanoid robot called the iCub. We each have our own stick and box, and are meant to strike the box with the stick in sync with a light pattern. But of course I'm also watching the robot - and I'm aware that it's watching me.

Drones show how Israeli bombs turned Gaza into moonscape

The pictures filmed before Oct. 7 show schools, mosques and churches, and the 14th century Barquq Islamic fortress. Gaza, which lies along the Mediterranean coast, has long been under an Israeli and Egyptian blockade...

AI 'godfather' Geoffrey Hinton Warns Of Dangers As He Quits Google / News / NewsBox / StarBox | Solar Systems

A man widely seen as the godfather of artificial intelligence (AI) has quit his job, warning about the growing dangers from developments in the field.

AI bot capable of insider trading and lying, say researchers

The researchers behind the simulation say there is a risk of this happening for real in the future.

US Lawmaker Goes Viral After Shirtless Zoom Meeting / News / NewsBox / StarBox | Solar Systems

A lawmaker in Minnesota has gone viral on social media for briefly appearing shirtless while casting a vote on a Zoom call.

CMA Launches Initial Review Of Artificial Intelligence Models / News / NewsBox / StarBox | Solar Systems

The CMA is opening an initial review of competition and consumer protection considerations in the development and use of AI foundation models.

AI: How 'Freaked Out' Should We Be? / News / NewsBox / StarBox | Solar Systems

Artificial intelligence has the awesome power to change the way we live our lives, in both good and dangerous ways. Experts have little confidence that those in power are prepared for what's coming.

Scientists Engineered a Bacteria to Eat Plastic Bottles and Transforming Them into Useful Liquids

The E. coli can upcycle discarded PET into adipic acid, widely relied on in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and fragrance industries.

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ChatGPT: Student builds app to sniff out AI-written essays

Edward Tian, 22, has built a new tool to help teachers detect plagiarism.

Back to the future for India's rice farmers

India, the world's biggest rice exporter, is turning to old varieties and new farming techniques.

Future NASA Moonwalkers To Sport Sleeker Spacesuits / News / NewsBox / StarBox | Solar Systems

Moonwalking astronauts will have sleeker, more flexible spacesuits that come in different sizes when they step onto the lunar surface later this decade.

A Georgia woman accidentally paid over $7,000 for her Subway sandwich after keying in her phone number for rewards points

Vera Conner said she'd ordered a $7.54 footlong Italian Sub, and only realized days later she'd spent $7,112.98.

Scientists Working On Smart Contacts Powered By Human Tears

Scientists based out of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have begun working on augmented reality (AR) contact lenses.

Pentagon debuts its new stealth bomber, the B-21 Raider

America’s newest nuclear stealth bomber is making its public debut after years of secret development and as part of the Pentagon’s answer to rising concerns over a future conflict with China. The B-21...

PayPal, Kraft Heinz name new CEOs

PayPal (PYPL) has named Intuit's (INTU) Alex Chriss as its new President and CEO. Chriss will replace longtime PayPal CEO Dan Schulman. Chriss will officially join the company in late September. Kraft Heinz (KHC) also announced that its North America Zone President Carlos Abrams-Rivera will take over as CEO on January 1, 2024.

Evacuations to Egypt continue as Israeli troops surround Gaza City: Full coverage of the Israel-Hamas war

Limited evacuations began out of Gaza through the Rafah crossing into Egypt on Wednesday as President Biden called for a humanitarian "pause" in the war.

Lenovo launches the Legion Go and aims straight for the handheld PC crown

Gamers in the US get two models, whereas the UK just gets one, but I'm okay with that.

New search technology leads to discovery of body in Glen Etive

The find was made in an area previously searched by rescuers looking for a missing hillwalker.

The Netherlands Named One of The Most Innovative Countries of 2023

Thanks to the country's forward-thinking culture and business friendly environment, it plays a big role in global business innovation.

Is AI a threat to the world of fabric design?

You can now ask an artificial intelligence system to design you a fabric pattern and get it printed.

The House of Representatives is set to lose 381 years of congressional experience as 31 members have announced their departures

Thirty-one members of the House of Representatives have announced they won't be running for reelection. Many are running for other positions.

Intel's deepfake detector tested on real and fake videos

We tested Intel's new tool, "FakeCatcher", on videos of Donald Trump and Joe Biden - with mixed results.

Bristol University to receive £225m to create UK's new supercomputer

Isambard AI will be 10 times more powerful than the UK's current fastest supercomputer.