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My Story

Published on 27 January 2022 at 02:52

You may not know anything about me or where I am from. You're probably thinking why are you even reading this. Maybe you're interested in getting to know who made this website or just browsing the pages to see if you can find something to catch your eye. Well, Im going to start off by telling you where I'm from and hopefully you finish reading to know the rest of my life.

Seoul, Korea (recent photo)

I was born in Seoul, Korea in 1980. When I was born my family moved to Taegu, Korea (now called Daegu) and we lived in a small village next to a military base where my father served as a soldier. I remember every day having to go fetch water from a well. I didn't like it at first but as you get older you realise that there is nothing produced without a little work. Yeah, life was hard but it made me stronger.

Daegu, Korea (date unknown) 

Imagine living in a cinder block square shaped home with a roof made of straw. Yeah, thats not even the worse part. What if the only toilet you had was a hole dug deep in the ground? Wow, I know. I know somebody out there can relate. Maybe, maybe not. ok well, that was our bathroom.

Camp Walker (date unknown) 

Our father worked hard everyday so that we may have a chance to live a better life but life was always beating us down. We barely had enough to make it through the day but thankfully we had help in the roughest times. 

South, Korea (1963)

Most of our village families helped each other when times were rough and thats when I learned that family is not just blood related. A family is a group of people with commonality and they help each other to overcome barriers in life. Family is what you design and create so that it may be in your favor if anything would to happen that was unexpected.

South, Korea (1988)

Family is what keeps us together. A community is what builds great families. When you work together for a common good, the possibilities are endless.

Seoul, Korea (now) 

Daegu, Korea (now) 

We all go through life searching for answers to our deepest questions. We may never find a solution to our problems. The world is revolving and evolving. I can only pray for the best and wait for God's calling. 

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