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This is my story and how it all began.

About Me

You may not know anything about me or where I am from. You're probably thinking why are you even reading this. Maybe you're interested in getting to know who made this website or just browsing the pages to see if you can find something to catch your eye. Well, Im going to start off by telling you where I'm from and hopefully you finish reading to know the rest of my life.

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Hidden Secret #1 From The White Paper Revealed Today

Im not feeling up to typing much today so I have a better solution. How about I give you something to ponder on. In my original white paper, I mentioned for you to usenet. It was a hint to use NET. You know, my email address. .Com has not even been thought of back then. .NET is my orginal email address domain extension. I gave those thieves a fake email address on the white paper. And before I go, those thieves wanted me to mention their names in the white paper so it looks as if they contributed to the creation. 

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The Life of Satoshi Nakamoto

It has been a while since I worked on a project of any kind until now. My first project I worked on was in 1991 while I was attending J.R. Allen Elementary School in Columbus, GA. I created a secret messsging system with letters and numbers on grid paper. The numbers are matched with certain letters. You can write a letter to someone with only numbers and then the other person thats been given the grid can decipher the numbers into words or complete messages. I can't remember what I called it but I created it in 1991. I was 11 years old.

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The World's Best Company to Work For

Since 1993 Solar Systems has landed the top spot for The World's Best Company To Work For. Solar Systems provides real solutions to real people across the globe by empowering creators, designers, developers, and ordinary people like you and me.

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What is love

One of the greatest things a human being can do is to love. The truest form of selfless service is when we give without wanting anything in return. That is the spirit in which we should give. This means that we do not broadcast to others what we do to receive adulation, praise, power, or name and fame. Rather, we serve from our heart and soul in the spirit of helping others because it is the right thing to do as children of the all-giving Creator. This attitude has the power to heal.

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