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What in the Ribbit?

Published on 19 January 2022 at 19:31

What in the Ribbit?

Ribbit is a new form of blog. There are many synonyms for blog and people have the tendency to create new words every day for everyday uses. I created Ribbit because I love frogs. The names we give to animal sounds vary widely as you move from area to area. The reason, generally, has little to do with the animals themselves. In Germany, locals attest that the frog says “quaken.” But anyhow, That “ribbit” sound is what’s called an “advertisement call.” For frogs its sorta like a mating call but we're not frogs so thank your creator for that. I use it for advertising my site and because it's fun and unique. So yes, this is 


What is another word for Blog?

  • weblog
  • microblog
  • vlog
  • blook
  • column
  • forum
  • newsletter
  • website
  • diary
  • journal
  • podcast
  • vodcast
  • webcast
  • chatroom

These are just a sample list of many blog synonyms and trust me there are many more. 


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