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You Found What?

Published on 30 December 2021 at 00:36

Researchers from Switzerland have discovered a new layer of muscle on our jaw. The team described an additional, deeper layer in the masseter muscle, a prominent jaw muscle which is found in the rear part of the cheek and helps in chewing.

They recommend that the muscle be named Musculus masseter pars coronidea, which means the coronoid part of the masseter.

The team carried out a detailed anatomical study using computer tomographic scans. They analysed stained tissue sections from deceased individuals and MRI data from a living person.

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5 months ago

Don't worry about the world ending today people,
we just discovered a new muscle in our jaw.
Now what is this new muscle called?
.... actually i "um".
I don't really give a 🐸Ribbit 🐸Ribbit 🐸Ribbit