The Hang Out

Our mission on is to implement a safe, sustainable, energy-efficient way to surf the web from the comfort of your home by utilizing the web to harvest data. So therefore providing you with awesome results. 


i am Satoshi Nakamoto.

Believe me? of course not. That's the main reason why I just keep going through life as if I wasn't him hoping someone intelligent enough can do a little research and connect the dots, figure it out, and help me get back what was stolen. I've given enough information for you to figure it out.

If you can assist me in retaining my bitcoin holdings, I will reward everyone that sufficiently assisted me in leading to the recovery to an equal share of my total wealth. Thats a promise. Trust me. 

If you need more information than what has already been posted on W3Blog, please contact me directly using the form below or other methods of contact you can find on this w3bsite. Thank you and God bless Bitcoin.